My interest in human behavior became heightened as a young adult studying towards a master’s degree in clinical social work. After that, I spent many years in psychoanalytic training leading to a national certification as a psychoanalyst.

I then began to study and teach physical yoga, meditation, and other mind-body techniques. I became familiar with Eastern philosophy and embarked upon the study of some of the major religions and spiritual schools of thought. I have attempted to understand the universal truths they embody, particularly in their physical, mental, and spiritual healing techniques.

My practice is eclectic since I focus on whatever the client needs to move forward. Therefore, my modes of treatment include, but are not limited to
psychoanalytic, cognitive, behavioral, existential, transpersnal, brief, and combinations of same

I have always been interested in human relationships- what makes us happy and what leads to discord. I like helping clients improve relationships, save them, or handle loss. I have been fortunate to have successfully dealt with the ups and downs of a long term relationship with my wife and extended family. Additionally, I spent many years as a divorce mediator.

As an adjunct to the major component of traditional therapy, I welcome clients who want to add a spiritual dimension into their lives. This includes those in a religion or other spiritual path who want to add a new dimension, and those not in a religious or spiritual mode but would like to be.

Please see my articles, and philosophy of therapy sections for more information.