My interest in human behavior became heightened after completing my master’s degree in clinical social work. After that, I spent many years in psychoanalytic training leading to a national certification as a psychoanalyst.

I have always been interested in human relationships- what makes us happy and what leads to discord. I like helping clients save and improve relationships. I have been fortunate to have successfully dealt with the ups and downs of a long term relationship with my wife and extended family.

I am a licensed clinical social worker (NJLCSW). Under the state of California Medical Licensing Board, I am authorized to practice psychotherapy (Registration RP 205).

Additionally, I have life long experience in how body-mind-spirit principles can reduce anxiety, depression, and stress. I therefore encourage clients in their personal life to add this dimension and practice if they are interested.

To see a 2 minute video where I discuss some of my psychotherapy viewpoints click here:

To hear my history and evolution in dual paths of psychology and spirituality you can listen to a 40 minute interview by hitting the link below, reading my section on my philosophy of psychotherapy, as well as reading articles under the Article section of this website.